Born to Russian immigrant parents in Germany, O-SHiN took her first steps into music as a solo artist in Holland, before eventually finding her artistic destiny in a lonely cabin in Sweden. Quite the journey. 


It was when O-SHiN moved to a cabin in the Swedish countryside with five befriended musicians, producers and a video artist, things really began to click. After spending time in numerous sessions with many different producers in Stockholm, she felt the urge to seek inspiration surrounded only by nature and trusted friends.


Whilst in the Swedish cabin, they all started to collect and sample sounds from the forests, lakes, rivers and landscapes that surrounded them. Utilising a huge collection of exotic instruments they found in the barn, O-SHiN took the ideas that were formed during this summer and finished the production in Berlin, where she moved straight after Sweden. 

The experience of this summer in Sweden turned out as the foundation the new project called O-SHiN. "It was a big adventure for eveyone involved” she says. "The location was dreamlike and had so much more to give than expected – like the collection of crazy instruments I've never used before. The lake, the campfire, the calmness in nature and making music. There's nothing more beautiful to me then recording music like that.”


An existential realisation shapes O-SHiN’s music, and is mirrored in her thoughtful and imaginative lyrics: life is transient. Her music is about accepting death, which goes hand in hand with appreciating life and using the time we have. Musically, this is realised in a mixture of organic, familiar sounds; catchy arrangements on the one hand — and unusual, exotic harmonies and instruments on the other. 


With more music and touring set to follow in 2018 — it’s an exciting time for O-SHiN.



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Premiere of Aimless “A beautifully composed return, it's reminiscent of time spent with friends, the carefree electronics mingling with stellar melody”

"Ethereal, magnetic electro-pop, but its introspective lyrics give the track a special gravity, hitting close to the heart while the electronics keep the track airborne"

Full of wonky melodies and O-SHiN’s wonderfully weird vocals, it’s an absolutely beautiful track about taking risks and believing that even the impossible can happen

“Walking Water,” a bonkers and hypnotic follow-up to debut single “A Revelation.”

"Aimless" is a lesson in honesty and perseverance, about marking you mark before you go. 

"O-SHiN shares her dreamy pop with us ahead of Berlin gig" - interview and show presentation


"O-SHiN proved that she is a natural born performer. With energy, charm—and above all else—some great tunes, she owned the intimate gig like a seasoned pro."

The first 6 months...

>510.000 streams on spotify

Oct / 2017 1st track A Revelation  was released

"organic and genre-bending debut single" - HIGHCLOUDS

6.600 streams on spotify

Dec / 2017 2nd track Walking Water

"authentic feeling of grandeur and admiration that’s almost impossible to replicate" - The Line Of Best Fit

36.800 streams on spotify

Dec / 2018 1st live show @ Auster Club, Berlin

"exotic and alien but always with a natural depth" - Kaltblut

Jan / 2018 headline show in Berlin

"she is a natural born performer." - IndieBerlin

Jan / 2018 3rd track Aimless was released

"A beautifully composed return, it's reminiscent of time spent with friends, the carefree electronics mingling with stellar melody." - CLASH MAGAZINE

463.000 streams on spotify

Feb / 2018 live video release A Lie

Apr / 2018 live support for Kat Frankie in front of 1k audience

May / 2018 release of first EP I / ∞

"A little bit of Björk, a little bit of psychedelic formed a very enjoyable sound" - [a]live Erfurt

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